El milagro de los siete mares

Sevilla: Editorial Guantanamera, (Narrativa), 2017. First Edition. Paperback. 231p., wrps. New. Item #64921
ISBN: 9788417104733

"El milagro de los siete mares" is a novel full of of empires, an announced savior, naval battles, fortune tellers, incandescent serpents, geniuses, dreams, secrets, and a ruined world that's been covered by water. Civilization had to start again from scratch after this large-scale destruction, and now people await a miracle worker that has been prophesied. Everything indicates that it will be Onirim, the fourth prince of the Lacodontia Empire. However, when he is born before his time, he violates the Prophecy and nobody else believes he can be the one. His life will pass peacefully by until unsettling dreams lead him to Nurakenión, who reveals the terrible secret of his lineage and the fragile destiny of the world as he knows it; in doing so, he triggers unsuspected and terrible events.

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