La otra cara de Jano: Una mirada crítica sobre el libro y la edición

Buenos Aires: Ampersand (Colección: Scripta Manent / Antonio Castillo Gómez; 8), 2015. First Edition. Paperback. 351p., bibl., wrps. New. Item #64270
ISBN: 9789874509857

Jano is a Roman god with two faces. One looks to the past and another to the future. He is also considered the god of beginnings and the endings. In "La otra cara de Jano", author Pierre Bourdieu uses the image of this god to represent the two facets of the work of an editor that, although they seem opposed, are, in fact, complementary and necessary. These facets are: understanding books as cultural objects but also as commodities. From this perspective, he studies the publishing industry in Latin American from the 20th century until the present day. Contents include: "Panoramas", "Estudios" and "Conexos"

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