Páginas dominicanas de historia contemporánea

Santo Domingo: Archivo General de la Nación (Vol. CCLXVI), 2016. First EditionFirst Edition. Paperback. 271p., tables, bibl., wrps. Fine. Item #63000
ISBN: 9789945586862

"Páginas dominicanas de historia contemporánea" provides a history on volatile political events which took place in the Dominican Republic between 1899 and 1916, which starts with the assassination of radically unpopular dictator Ulises Heureaux and concluding with the resignation of Juan Isidro Jimenes Pereyra, beginning the United States occupation of the nation. Contemporaneously authored by Antonio Hoepelman, journalist for "El Radical", "La Voz del Sur", "Las Noticias" and "Renacimiento"

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