El derecho privado como cuestión pública

Bogotá: Universidad Externado de Colombia, (Serie de Teoria Jurídica y Filosofía del Derecho), 2016. First Edition. Paperback. 385p., bibl., wrps. new. Item #59527
ISBN: 9789587724547

"El derecho privado como cuestión pública" is a discourse on private law as a public issue. Author Diego M. Papayannis provides an in-depth look at the issues faced by public and private domains, dispelling the dualities between them and examining overlaps. For example, constitutional law organizes the system of government of a community, which deals with the management of collective affairs, but also protects individual interests by upholding the right to honor, privacy, physical integrity, freedom of movement, work and the acquisition of private property. In private law, on the other hand, some areas are reserved for a limited autonomy, such as family law or the rights of consumers. Contents include: "Análisis económico del derecho de daños. Aproximación funcional y conceptual", "Eliminar pérdidas, rectificar injustos y responsabilizar personas: en busca de la justicia correctiva", "La justicia en las interacciones", "El derecho de daños como cuestión pública", "La insoportable levedad de la justicia correctiva en el derecho contractual"

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