La opción. Cortejo y epinicio III.

Santiago de Chile: LOM Ediciones (Colección Entre Mares), 2011. 1st ed. Paperback. 217p., wrps. New. Item #42646
ISBN: 9789560002280

"La opción. Cortejo y epinicio III" is the third part of the collection "Cortejo and Epinicio" by Chilean author David Rosenmann-Taub. The poetic work is about the essence of what it means for man to live on earth, in the particular time and space that he is in, from the moment he becomes aware of his being until his farewell. Taken together, the parts of the collection display the seasons of a human's life. Spring evokes astonishment and expectation; In summer, abundance prevails; In autumn, disappointment and the ego predominate; and finally, winter provides a time for nostalgia and solitude.

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