Una semana de octubre

Mexico City: Editorial Grijalbo, 1999. First Edition. Paperback. 163p., wrps. New. Item #3534
ISBN: 9700511383

"Una semana de octubre" centers around Clara Griffin, who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and at the suggestion of her husband Clemente, begins to keep a diary, the cornerstone of which is a very brief and tragic extramarital affair with Clemente's client, Leonel Hyde. Leonel ends up dying as a result of a heart attack he suffers after his first, and only, sexual encounter with her. Around the week that the affair lasted, Clara also begins to build a universe of memories of her courtship with Clemente, detailing his infidelities, childhood, parents, friends and illness. In a suspiciously casual way, Clemente finds his wife's diary in a drawer, and begins to read it secretly, giving him the opportunity to discover a new and painful dimension of Clara. Clemente is unable to read the final part of Clara's diary until after her death. Overwhelmed by pain and guilt, he telephones Leonel's house, discovering that he has not died. This enigmatic novel was written by Elizabeth Subercaseaux, who is also the author of "Los generales del régimen", "Del lado de acá", "Silendra", "El canto de la raíz lejana", "Ego sum Pinochet", "El general azul", "La comezón de ser mujer", "Las diez cosas que una mujer en Chile no debe hacer jamás", "Matrimonio a la chilena", "Eva en el mundo de los jaguares", "Gabriel Valdés" and "Señales de historia"

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