Las industrias culturales en la integración latinoamericana

Buenos Aires: Eudeba,(Col. Estudios Culturales), 1999. first edition. Paperback. 342p.tables, graphs, notes, biblio. Near Fine in Wraps. Item #3500
ISBN: 9502309464

What is the role of the publishing industry, television, music and the Internet in the integration of Latin America, in its new relations with Europe and the United States? The free trade agreements of the nineties (NAFTA, MERCOSUR and others) made even more evident the importance of mass communications for reciprocal knowledge, integration and segregation among nations. However, studies are lacking to assess this social impact, articulate national and transnational production, make agreements on tariffs and intellectual property, multinational investments and consumer rights. Five Latin American organizations commissioned twelve diagnostics to specialists to understand the new links of the transnational economic investments in cultural production with the reorganization of markets and the habits of consumers. These works were discussed in a meeting with other academics, representatives of the media and governmental and international organizations. The aim was not to obtain diplomatic consensus, but to establish up-to-date information and problematize the assumptions that have led to the failure of cultural policies and attempts to integrate cultural exchange in the region. Beyond the generalized discussions about identity, here are data and proposals to go answering that will happen with Latin American cultures in the coming years.

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