La muerte lenta de Luciana B.

Barcelona: Ediciones Destino (Colección: Áncora y Delfín; Volumen 1100), 2007. First Edition. Hardcover. 229p., boards. New. Item #32586
ISBN: 9788423339679

"La muerte lenta de Luciana B." is a crime novel that begins when the anonymous narrator, a writer, receives a call from Luciana, a typist who assisted him ten years ago when he suffered from a wrist injury. During that time, he became infatuated with her, although he never acted on his feelings. When he meets her again, he finds her unrecognizable, with all traces of her former beauty gone. She tells him her story, beginning with her accusations of sexual harassment against Kloster, an intimidating literary giant she worked for in the past. After Kloster's unwilling divorce, he became determined to destroy her life, murdering everyone around her, beginning with her boyfriend Ramiro. But when the narrator speaks to Kloster, he's surprised at how different and convincing the successful man’s account seems ... and is utterly blindsided by his next move.

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