Memoria y representación; configuraciones culturales y literarias en el imaginario judío latinoamericano

Rosario: Beatriz Viterbo Editora, (Biblioteca Estudios Culturales; 18.), 2006. first edition. Paperback. 281p., biblio., notes. Fine. Item #31229
ISBN: 9508451874

Through this collection of essays and their introduction, Ariana Huberman and Alejandro Meter proposed to actively participate in the debates that propose Holocaust studies, the different approaches to family, collective, traumatic memory and the representation of Jewishness from Latin America. And they add: The rituals of questioning and of the story in the exercise of memory that are at the base of the Jewish tradition make the consolidation of a Jewish cultural category impossible. To speak of a Jewish cultural category is unsustainable because the Jew can not belong entirely to any category, his identity is errant and elusive. However, we believe that it is important to think in ways of Jewishness that pass through Judeo-Latin American literature and culture, whether written by Jews or not. Thus, from the depth of their introduction they are installed in the debate around categories, particularly about the growing body of Jewish-Latin American literature in its multiple variants, meanings and trends, as well as its origins and possible derivations within the literary statute.

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