Poesías 1920-1930; La amada infiel. La musa de la mala pata. El gato escaldado. Prologue by Ana Ojeda Bar and Rocco Carbone.

Buenos Aires: Ediciones El 8vo. loco, Col. Pingüe Patrimonio. 2005. first edition. Paperback. 175p., notes, biblio., index. Very Good. Item #28874

Nicolás Olivari is considered a member of the Boedo Group what they published in the Claridad Publishing House and met at Café El Japonés. He began his literary career with "Carne al sol", a collection of short stories published in 1922. In 1924, Modesto H. Álvarez published his first poems, The Beloved Unfaithful, the initial link in a lyric arc that continued throughout the years. 20, The muse of the bad leg (Martín Fierro, 1926) and The Scalded Cat.

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