Puerto Rico & Santo Domingo tambien son...

San Juan: Editorial Isla Negra, Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Colegio Universitario de Cayey (Col. Visiones y Cegueras), 1999. first edition. Paperback. 241p., wrps, biblio. Near Fine in Wraps. Item #2834
ISBN: 1881715469

As the title suggests, Fornerin in this book emphasizes with sharpness, sensitivity and extensive knowledge the relationships, correspondences and coincidences between the literatures of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, two nations twinned by geography, culture and history . The author is situated not in an intermediate point, but in a comprehensive and inclusive space that also extends to other Antillean nations. Thus, as a Dominican integrated into Puerto Rican life, he can write about the poetry of Pedro Mir or the essays of Magali García Ramis; the stories of Juan Bosch or the chronicles of Rodríguez Juliá; the young Dominican poetry or the Puerto Rican female narrative; and, above all, around those themes where both presences are visually combined, such as the Puerto Rican vision of Dominican emigration in a Ramos Escobar drama; the influence of Bosch in the story of José Luis González; the plebeianism in the Caribbean culture or a novel by Laguerre about the dictatorship of Trujillo. All these topics and many others focus on the clarity and topicality of the best journalistic criticism; from a perspective that combines critical rigor and respect for creation, knowledge and freedom of judgment, enthusiasm and a sense of justice, because for Fornerin, as he confesses in the initial essay, "criticism is not a hunt , but an act of love ", an act of love that sister and illuminates two islands in their mutual flight.

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