Viudas de sangre

La Habana: Editorial Letras Cubanas, Letras Cubanas, 2004. second edition. Paperback. 726p., wrps. Fine. Item #27880
ISBN: 9591009577

Here is a kind of novel-river, whose forceful argument will take us from St. Petersburg to the Tsars to Ireland, and from there to New York, to finish or restart everything, who knows in the very Cuban Ciénaga de Zapata. Characters of reality made fiction, like Princess Olga Karguina, the ubiquitous Rasputin (a half-starred peasant who proclaimed himself visionary), and the swindler Eddy Troych, are inserted in a narrative style that weaves with incredible skill the unlike subplots, to join them in the search for a mysterious mud in the Cuba of the 50s.

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