El pulso del mundo; Artículos periodísticos 1978-2002

Montevideo: Trilce, 2002. first edition. Paperback. 279p., notes. Near Fine in Wraps. Item #17527
ISBN: 9974323193

Born in front of the sea, to stay, Cristina would have been a boat that makes water because it is the most exposed of all the writers in Latin America. It is launched into the void where it will fall. Reflective, concerned about the events of the world and the transformations that she suffers day after day, she writes, presses the world, takes it between her thumb and forefinger, knows her temperature and knows when the pressure rises or falls. 120/80, 130/90, 100/70, 100/50. That is why the pulse of the world beats in our hands like a heart. After more than 30 years of leaving Uruguay, Cristina Peri Rossi transcends borders. Her literary production places her among the most renowned writers of our times, although her work does not correspond to a specific time or space because she has overcome transterritoriality.

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