Donde mejor canta un pájaro

Mexico City: Grijalbo, 2001. first edition. Paperback. 411p., wrps. Near Fine in Wraps. Item #17200
ISBN: 9700512827

Based on a suggestive phrase by Jean Cocteau, "a bird sings better in his family tree", Jodorowsky immerses us, in the first part of this book ("When Teresa got angry with God") in an entertaining story, so comical and surprising as heroic and legendary, about the lives of their ancestors, from their great-grandparents to their parents. This narrative reconstruction of his family tree helps him to dive in the sense of his own being and his own life, through an immense geography: Ukraine, Paris, Venice, Chile or Argentina. With this the author aspires to serve as an example so that each reader transforms, through forgiveness, his family memory in historical legend. In the second part of the book ("The child of black Thursday") the author tells how a metaphysical entity, the Rebbe, takes possession of the males of the Jodorowsky family. Through this "tradition", the history of the family and a series of esoteric contents are transmitted. Says the author: "Hallucination or not, the Rebbe changed our lives. Without it, I would never have been able to take root in this world, which for the most part is aggression. My grandfather made him an accomplice, my father an intruder and I a teacher, because I lost Jaime when I was two years old and I only saw him again at ten. That is why, although my reason says otherwise, I prefer to believe that the Rebbe and everything he told about my country and my family is true. "

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