El ángel descuidado

Barcelona: Tusquets Editores (Colección Andanzas), 2002. Third Edition. Paperback. 234p., wrps. Fine. Item #15753
ISBN: 9788483102138

In 1965, in the novitiate of a religious congregation, the young Rafael and Nicholas partake in the luminous experience of first love. The two teenagers face everything and everyone who tries to separate them: the mysticism of the religious vocation, the desire to be missionaries, the vow of chastity, the alarmed master of the novices ... Without any guilt, they both suffer and enjoy this early love, and never forget it. Thirty-five years later, Rafael, who has become somewhat of a celebrity, discovers by chance the whereabouts of Nicholas, now married and a prosperous businessman. Little by little, Rafael begins to understand that Nicholas has spent his whole life in an attempt to reject that episode of youth. "El ángel descuidado" provides insight into the rigid and outlandish world of religion, Spain during the sixties: the development of tourism, the triumph of El Cordobés and more.

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