Los almuerzos

Medellín, La Habana: Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, Ediciones UNIÓN (Narrativa), 2001. First Edition. Paperback. 98p., wrps. New. Item #13852
ISBN: 9586555011

"Los almuerzos" centers around a parish in Bogotá dedicated -- in appearance -- to feeding the needy. The hunchback Tancredo is in charge of routinely supervising the lunches that are offered daily. Thursday is the busiest day: elders and a variety of demented and miserable people invariably arrive. But, for once, everything is stirred up. Tancred does not want to resign himself to his fate and courts Sabina, the libidinous goddaughter of the sacristan. In the absence of Father Almida, who has an important meeting with the church's benefactors, a new reverend appears -- Matamoros, a drunk and unbeliever.

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