Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2019. First Edition. Paperback. 363p., wrps. New. Item #70098
ISBN: 9788433998781

"Revolución" centers around Espinosa, a university researcher who performs peculiar experiments that involve stopping women on the street and asking them to tell him their erotic fantasies. He is married to Ariana, whom he suspects -- rightly so, according to all the indications -- that she's lying to him. He also has three children, two biological, the twins Sofia and Pablo, and a third, Hannibal, who is adopted. The latter shows an unusual fondness for watching Californian transsexuals online. As the days progress, the everyday becomes hallucinatory and schizophrenic: Hannibal disappears, perhaps kidnapped by a pedophile sect obsessed with gifted children, and a diverse repertoire of bizarre characters appear, including one that produces reincarnations in the form of a hedgehog.

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