Que de dónde, amigo, vengo. Los orígenes de la loza estannífera o talavera poblana, 1550--1653

México, D.F. Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Colección: Historia, Seríe: Logos), 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 404p., maps, photos, illus., facsimiles, tables, graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #69034
ISBN: 9786075391557

"Que de dónde, amigo, vengo" documents the origins of the first loceros, or potters, who arrived in Puebla during the mid-sixteenth century, based on archival documents from Mexico and Seville. The work also explains why the city was suitable for the establishment of the industry; how the expansion of the loceros network occurred; and the technique, labor process, and tools used in the workshops. As a whole, the work offers an interdisciplinary approach to the history of Talavera pottery, which continues to be an important element of regional identity in Puebla.

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