El Símbolo católico indiano (1598) de Luis Jerónimo de Oré : Saberes coloniales y los problemas de la evangelización en la región andina

Spain: Iberoamericana, Vervuert (Biblioteca Indiana, 47), 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 237p., bibl., wrps. New. Item #66035
ISBN: 9788416922901

"El Símbolo católico indiano" is a study on the work "Symbolo Catholico Indiano", by Franciscan Creole Luis Jerónimo de Oré (Huamanga, 1554 -- La Concepción, 1630), exploring how the text fostered the expansion of Catholicism in the Andean region, and provided an early questioning of the imperial constructions of American otherness and created the foundations of the creole discourse that will took shape over the subsequent decades. Additionally, the work examines how Oré established a dialogue with the vast scientific, philosophical, political, theological, and historical discourses of Greco-Roman thinkers as well as his contemporaries.

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